On March 13, Starship Entertainment released an official press statement, revealing that all police investigations surrounding former MONSTA X member Wonho have concluded.


The label wrote:

“Hello, this is Starship Entertainment.

Back on March 10, the illegal drug crime division of the Seoul Central District Police office concluded all illegal drug investigations involving former MONSTA X member Wonho, acquitting him.

Back in late October of last year, Wonho was accused of having abused the illegal drug marijuana, and the Seoul Central District Police promptly launched an investigation regarding these accusations. Wonho participated actively and diligently throughout the investigations which followed, including the necessary substance examinations. In the past 5 months, the police were unable to discover any evidence to find Wonho guilty, and as a result the investigation came to a conclusion as of March 10.

Outside of the above facts, Wonho and Starship as an agency would like to once again apologize to the fans for causing great concerns. We also relay our sincerest thanks to fans both in Korea and abroad, who sent their support while patiently waiting for the investigation results.

During the investigation period, we advised that Wonho keep his public appearances to a minimum and aided Wonho so that he would not be wrongfully accused by pairing him with a legal representative, also waiting for the final police results throughout this time. Now, we promise to support Wonho to the fullest so that he can continue to walk the path he would like to go. Thank you.”