NCT Dream - the boys turn into young men

NCT Dream - the boys turn into young men

NCT Dream ’s Renjun, Jeno, and Jaemin look charismatic in their summer pictorial for Arena Homme+ magazine. In the...

NCT Dream ’s Renjun, Jeno, and Jaemin look charismatic in their summer pictorial for Arena Homme+ magazine.

In the interview with the magazine, the NCT Dream members talked about their hobbies in the summer. Each member has shared their thoughts in every questions, which get their fans more excited and understand them more clearly.



What do you usually do in summer?
I like sports that I enjoy in the water. To ride a jet ski or a yacht. You can ride a yacht alone. Summer is better than cold winter, but my favorite season is autumn.

The round eyes and cool lips are pretty. Is there any part of your face that you like?
The eyes are the best. The fans delicately captured what I didn't even know, so I started to like my eyes more.

How did you come up with the nickname "Nana"?
It's Nana because it's Na Jaemin. Pretty and I like it. It's a nickname that I've been using since I was a trainee.

When I look at Jaemin, he seems like a man who likes people, full of humanity.
It was from birth. You don't have to hate it when we first met. Hahaha. I think the most important part of life is the relationship between friends and people.


How is your relationship with the members?
It's too firm. Since we have lived together for seven to eight years, it is safe to say that we are family. They know each other so well that they can speak their minds without fighting. She also tells and leans on members that she can't tell them because she's worried about them.

You were naturally cute, were you born with it?
I was an only child, so I was greatly loved. I'm not calculating, but I'm impressed by the affection my mother gave me as a child. I want to be a person who gives back the love I received from my fans. If you've been loved, now you're the one who can give you love.

I heard you're athletic.
My mother made me exercise a lot when I was young. I learned how to ride something like speed skating, inline, snowboarding, and so on, and it fits me well. Once I got on, I rode it all day, unaware of the passing of time. I usually ride a bicycle with Jeno these days. If you go to the Han River or Misari, you can ride about 30 kilometers at a time.

You're patient.
I have a personality that needs to end. If what you want to do doesn't work out, keep going until you can.

You looked so excited. He's constantly spilling words.
When you work, you talk as much as you can, show off your cuteness, and show your bright side, but when you go into the dorm, you don't talk much. It's the type that puts energy outside and charges it at home. The bed is an auxiliary battery. Hahaha. At home, I like to listen to music, compose songs, or edit pictures by myself.

I heard you drink coffee very bitter and sweet things that very sweet?
That's right. It's a bit extreme. Hahaha. I should do what I want to do! I don't like things I don't like it! That's my type.


I heard you're going to make Tanghulu for the members.
Jisung and Jeno eat especially well. These days, I'm so into T-bone steak that I'm thinking of buying a defensive machine. The kids love meat.

You were a teenager when you filmed "Arena" two years ago, but now you are an adult. Do you think you have grown up?
The picture at that time is still on my cell phone. Looking at the picture I took today, I think I grew up really well. When I read the interview I did two years ago again, I think you think you're all grown up, hahaha. Now that I'm 20 years old, I think I'm far away. Still a child. There's a lot to learn.

What was your childhood dream?
I never thought of to be an idol. There was a lot of shame back then. Originally, my dream was to be a surgeon. When I was a child, I dreamed of watching "Secret of Saint-Louis". Haha. I wanted to save a man!

You were cast while doing volunteer work. You continued to sponsor the movie even after your debut.
I think I should give back as much as I got from this society. Ever since I was a child, my mother has always said, "If you get it, you have to know how to give it." You've been donating in my name since childhood, so it's natural for me.

What kind of person do you think is cool?
A person who is fuller than outwardly. I want to be a solid person rather than a fancy person.

What are you interested in these days?
Actually, I'm slow on the trend. You won't know until half a year later than others. These days, I talk with the members about what contents I can show my fans. I'm self-taught because I want to edit photos and videos that I took myself. These days, I want to learn Capture One properly, but it's hard to handle.

Jaemin is famous for taking good pictures.
Hahaha. I posted pictures of the members I took yesterday and fans liked it and said my skills were improving. I want to keep taking pictures and uploading them because they compliment me.

It looks more attached to portraits than to landscapes.
I love taking pictures of characters. For example, trees are always standing in the same place in a similar way. But the character can do the movements that I want and make various facial expressions every minute. I think it's much more attractive. It is fun to capture various facial expressions, eyes, nose, and features.

What are you dreaming about now?
Dreams must be big and sure. The goal is always high. My dream is to have more fans who love us. Activities should be harder to do that. Today's pictorial also has an unusual sexy feeling. I hope you like it. Hahaha.


Do you like summer weather?
I like the feeling of driving coolly while looking at the sea under the sunny sky. Summer in the evening is also good. The feeling of the sun disappearing and hiding.

People say Renjun is pure.
Ha-ha. I think each person has a pure point, and I just think the way they see it. I often think the wrong way. It may sound ridiculous, but people like to think about the universe and watch documentaries about the animal world. Just because you're curious doesn't mean that anyone can tell you the answer, does it? It's fun just to ask questions and unfold your imagination.

What's your recent imagination?
Imagine a space before you go to bed and dress up stories and characters. For example, under the theme of "Avatar," I imagine what kind of creatures would be there if I could fly and where would I fly?.

Are you in need of your own time?
Yes. I used to want to be with people when I was lonely. But these days, I think it's good to have some alone time. I didn't know people well before, but now I think I should focus more on myself. I think I have to be firm to take care of others.

Why did you want to make yourself a firm

When I came to a big company called SM, there were so many attractive people. At first, I always cared about people's eyes. How will people see me, what will they think, and how will they see me well? But I couldn't keep up with other people. I thought I'd go my own way.


Are you soft-hearted?
Honestly, it is. I easily shed tears and sympathize well. I used to try to show a strong side to cover my soft heart, but now I focus on making my heart really strong.

What is a strong mind?
I need my own. Don't let people shake me easily.

Do you think it's the inner strength of a foreign country?
It doesn't matter what it looks like. It doesn't have to look strong or weak, it just needs to be "me." I like drawing, but strangely, it hurts when I draw. Unknowingly, I use my brain a lot and put my mind into it. So I found a picture that I liked. Even if you do, that time is painful. I don't want to be tied to drawing too well, but I just want to paint as happy as it is drawn.

Do you know a man named Renjun now?
I think I know a little because I don't care about other people's eyes and express what I want to express. But there's still a long way to go. Time and experience will solve it.

I heard you didn't do the MBTI test on purpose.
Actually, I tried it once. But I just want to know. I want you to see me as I am.

What did you dream when you were a kid?
Dream of a star. I've dreamed of becoming an idol since I was young. It was so much fun when I danced and sang, and it seemed to be shining.


Do you believe in fate?
I believe.

Is it fate that Renjun came to Korea?
Yes, that's too crazy for me. I applied for an audition, but I gave up because I didn't hear from him. But I got a call while I was eating, so I screamed on the spot. I'm so excited, haha. The next day, I bought an audition spot ticket and participated in the global audition.

How was it adjusting in Korea?
It wasn't as hard as I thought. It's what I wanted.

What song do you want to sing?
Fantastic and pretty songs like Disney songs. I want to cover the OST, "For the First Time in Forever."

It goes well with Renjun. What kind of person do you think is cool?
Someone who knows who I am. A wonderful man is drawn as if he smells good, without speaking, without perfume. I want to be that kind of person.

So, is Renjun cool?
Hahaha. I like how I look now, but I want to look cooler.

What is Renjun's dream now?
To be recognized by myself. And someday, I want to travel around the world and spend my life looking at the beautiful world.


What do you usually do in the summer?
After my debut, I usually come back in summer and it is the season of activities. When I was young, I always went to the valley with my family. I like swimming. I even learned a butterfly stroke. I do quite a bit.

You are stronger than expected.
I didn't mean to make it, but I like sports. I like to use my body. I like to go to the gym and ride a bicycle, so I often go to Han River or Yangpyeong. When I was young, I played table tennis and badminton hard. Usually, he stays still and uses his energy at once. It's better to put all your energy into it and stay exhausted.

Are you competitive?
Strong. I think a lot about winning everything. If you lose, you'll feel uncomfortable.


Who do you want to look most fiercely like?
U-Know Yunho's passion. It's hard to keep up, but I really want to look alike.

Is your dream big?
The ideal is high. It should be high. Since I was young, I liked to be praised and wanted to do it perfectly. Instead of praising myself, I always say, 'No, you're not yet.' We're getting enough compliments and support from our fans. Even I don't have to praise myself. You need to train yourself with that support.

Remember Jeno with Anpan milk CF. At that time you were a child model that everyone would remember.
Back then, I was scared and cried all the time. When I went to the set, there were so many strangers, and when I was in front of the camera, I cried because I couldn't see my mom. Hahaha. After I found out that the staff members weren't scary people, I got better.

What did you like outside the camera?
I liked studying or reading books rather than playing with my friends. I studied very hard in elementary school. Come to think of it, I seem to love doing things alone. I enjoyed reading a series of juvenile bookbindings, doing scientific experiments, putting puzzles together, or assembling Lego. Still a homebody. Ha ha.


What's the fun of creating something?
A sense of accomplishment. 'I did it!' is a proud satisfaction. I am a person who values a sense of accomplishment. It's good to have such a sense of accomplishment to prepare and show the stage.

Did the early onset of social life help you with your activities?
Having no objection to making eye contact with the camera, and laughing well. I hear a lot that I look cold when I'm expressionless, but when we're together, I always laugh and everyone knows who I am. Hahaha.

On the other hand, what's sad about doing entertainment since you were young?
No. I got such a good opportunity and had a lot of experience. There's nothing to be desired.

Is there a strange sense of security for one's age?
I'm not very emotional. Not cry often, and have less mood swings. Other members are very active and unique. So they look like that. But it's not as grave as it looks. He is the type who doesn't show up when he is stimulated or hurt, and talks quietly after a while. I don't want to make the mood uncomfortable just to relax myself.

What kind of person do you think you are?
I think I am reliable. When I talk about important things in the team, I naturally talk about them. I rely on you very much. Rather, it feels like I'm passing on a difficult question... Hahaha.

What kind of person do you think is cool?
One who does what he wants to do, and has plenty of room for development. Once you do what you want to do, chances are high that you won't give up, and above all, you're a happy person.

Is Jeno cool?
I'm trying hard. But since you do what you want to do, and get a lot of love and support, it's certain that you're happy.

What is your dream now?
Become a happy and cool person.

Renjun, Jeno, and Jaemin’s full interview and pictorial can be found in the July issue of Arena Homme+.