Shownu suffering from severe back injury has forced MONSTA X to push back the group’s comeback ‘FANTASIA X’ from May 11 to May 26.

Starship Entertainment announced on their official fan cafe on May 4, “We here inform you the postponement of the release of MONSTA X’s album ‘FANTASIA X’. We ask for your understanding of the bad news we give our fans ahead of the comeback.”


The agency explained the situation, “MONSTA X Shownu felt pain in his back while practicing choreography for the upcoming comeback, so he immediately visited the hospital for a check-up and medical treatment. According to the diagnosis, the doctor said he could still engage in everyday activities, but no strenuous exercise or excessive movement should be allowed, and physical therapy and injection therapy should be combined for a quick recovery. Currently, Shownu is undergoing intensive care, and his symptoms have improved a lot.”


“However, judging that the comeback schedule next week could affect Shownu’s recovery, we received a response from the doctor that he need a little more time to recover, away from the stage,” they added. “We have decided to postpone the release of ‘FANTASIA X’ to prioritize the artist’s health and condition and ensure that there are no problems with future activities.” Accordingly, the release of MONSTA X’s new album ‘FANTASIA X‘ has been postponed to May 26, two weeks later. And the agency will re-announce the schedule when the time come.


“Once again, we would like to apologize to the fans who have been waiting for MONSTA X’s comeback,” Starship Entertainment said.