Girl group MOMOLAND has partnered with the global agency ICM Partners to prepare for their entering the U.S. music market.


MLD Entertainment, their agency, said on June 29, “MOMOLAND will enter the U.S. market by signing a contract with ICM Partners, one of the top three global agencies in the U.S.”

“We are very excited to be a partner in the U.S. market of MOMOLAND, who is gaining popularity around the world,” said Jon Pleeter, vice president of ICM Partners. “We will strive to increase the value of MOMOLAND’s global brand through various multi-platforms.”

Reacting to the news of the contract between MOMOLAND and ICM Partners, major foreign media including Forbes, a U.S. economic magazine, are showing keen interest in MOMOLAND’s entry into the U.S. market by publishing articles that highlighted it.

Based in Los Angeles, ICM Partners is a multinational agent with branches in major countries around the world, including New York and London, and is engaged in a wide range of media businesses, including TV, film, publishing, live performances, and brand entertainment as well as the music business. In particular, it is working with various global stars including global top artist Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, Khalid, Samuel Jackson, Orlando Bloom, Uma Thurman, Megan Fox and John Cena.


MOMOLAND previously became a top K-pop group in South Korea and abroad by creating a global syndrome with their mega hit song ‘Bboom Bboom’ in 2018. In particular, the music video of ‘Bboom Bboom’ has reached a milestone of about 440 million views on YouTube, and the girls have a total of five videos with more than 100 million views, continuing their explosive popularity worldwide.

Meanwhile, MOMOLAND topped major music charts with their new attractive city pop song ‘Starry Night‘ released on June 11, continuing their five consecutive hits following ‘Bboom Bboom’, ‘BAAM’, ‘I’m So Hot’, and ‘Thumbs Up’.