MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa finally released the music video of the title track “María” for her first solo album at 6PM KST on June 29th.

Hwasa has shown off her new image on her first mini-album “María” and started her solo career. It is the first time in a year and four months since the solo debut single “TWIT” released in February last year that Hwasa is making a solo comeback.

The title track “María” is a song that contains a message that one wishes to dream again for himself, rather than spit out the wounds he suffered from the ruthless world with hatred toward others. The addictive melody of Hwasa and RBW producer Park Woo-sang is impressive.

In the music video, Hwasa expressed another self, “María”. The VM project, which is drawing attention for its unique color and production, has taken the megaphone, and Hwasa’s intense visuals and unconventional performances have been sensibly drawn.

The album includes the title track “María” and the successful solo debut song “Twit,” “Intro: Nobody Else” with the message “Let’s love ourselves“, “Kidding” with the main character of gossip and featuring Zico, “Wait” asking about lingering feelings that won’t reach between too late to turn back, and “I’m Bad Two” that sincerely comforts me that I’m not different from you.

Check out the official music video of ‘María‘ here: