Global Channel Lifetime and KT’s online video service ‘Seezn’ have confirmed the joint production of ‘Sing and Stay’ Season 2 and selected singer Kim Jaehwan as the sole MC.


‘Sing and Stay’ is a high-quality talk show where talented idols and musicians come to the guest house to talk about their music and live performances. Last season, singers Zion.T, 10cm and Younha, as well as idol singers such as Kim Jae-hwan, AB6IX Lee Daehwi and CIX, have garnered more than 5 million views for the show, which gained popularity among fans around the world.

This season, singer Kim Jaehwan, one of the top idol vocalists, will become the only host of the show. The idol will share pleasant and honest talks with his musician seniors and juniors to form warm musical discussions. Kim Jaehwan is all the more anticipated as he has been a “best guest” in ‘Sing and Stay’ Season 1, where he demonstrated his outstanding singing skills and witty entertaining sense.


‘Sing and Stay’ Season 2 is expected to continue its two-way communication with viewers in real time, just like the fisrt season. It will be unveiled in June through Lifetime and KT’s Seezn.