Kim Minju from girl group IZ*ONE has been selected as a new MC for MBC’s ‘Music Core’. She will host the show with SF9 Chanhee and STRAY KIDS Hyunjin.


An official from ‘Music Core’ confirmed that, “IZ*ONE and Kim Minju will be a new MC for ‘Music Core’.” She will be joining the show for the first time on June 13.

This means Kim Minju succeeded GUGUDAN Mina as a regular host of ‘Music Core’, together with SF9 Chanhee and STRAY KIDS Hyunjin. Mina, who had been on ‘Music Core’ for about two years and three months since February 2018, left the position on May 30.

This is the first time for Kim Minju to be a host of a music program. Attention is also being paid to what kind of unique charm the idol, who has shown calm yet witty talk in various entertainment programs, will show on ‘Music Core’.

Meanwhile, her team, IZ*ONE, will make a comeback to the music industry with their third mini-album ‘Oneiric Diary’ at 6 PM KST on June 15.