IU has made a donation again. This time, she sent 10M won to the city of Gwacheon to help people with low income get through the COVID-19 crisis.


According to Gwacheon’s Government on May 14, singer and actress IU donated 10 million won to the city on May 6, to support low-income families who are suffering from COVID-19.

In March, IU also donated 30 million won to Gwacheon to prevent the damage and spread of COVID-19. IU bought a building in Gwacheon last year and is using it as a personal studio, an office and a work space for junior musicians.

In addition to Gwacheon City, IU has continued her good deeds to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus by donating 100 million won worth of medical protective clothing to the Korean Medical Association, 100 million won to NGO Good Neighbors, and tens of millions of won to welfare institutions to help the severely disabled and children with disabilities.