Red Velvet ‘s sub-unit Irene & Seulgi, which is heralding a differentiated music color with the unit’s first album “Monster“, revealed new teaser photos that get their fans to become excited.


Irene & Seulgi’s first mini-album “Monster” will be released on various music sites at 6 p.m. on July 6, with a total of six songs from various genres, including the title track “Monster,” expected to be hotly received by music fans.

In particular, the title song “Monster” is a song that combines conceptual lyrics and intense sounds that tells the immortal “Monster” story that enters the other person’s dreams and makes them fall in love with each other, raising expectations by working together with global hit makers such as Yoo Young Jin and Kenzie.


In addition, the track “Naughty” is a pop dance song that combines lyrics and playful vocals that are based on the tension felt in a close relationship with hide-and-seek, and “Diamond” is an R&B dance song that contains a message to dream and go with confidence as desired.


In addition, the album also features a progressive R&B dance song “Feel Good” featuring groovy beats and addictive hooks, and “Jelly,” which is impressive in terms of cute jealousy and hidden feelings, and featured Red Velvet’s third solo concert “La Rouge” at Seulgi’s solo performance.

Also, Irene & Seulgi’s teaser image, which was released through Irene & Seulgi’s official website and various SNS Red Velvet accounts at midnight on the 1st, raised expectations for unit activities with its fashionable style and extreme visual chemistry.


Meanwhile, Irene & Seulgi’s first mini-album “Monster” will also be released as a record on July 6 and can be purchased in advance at various online and offline music stores