According to a report by SportyNews on May 4, the four former members of GOOD DAY – Bomin, Cherry, Genie, Nayoon – will return to the K-Pop scene in girl group RED SQUARE.


The new girl group will have 5 members and will make their debut on May 19 by releasing their first single ‘Prequel’. The group revealed some teasers ahead of their debut in which they introduced the members in the letters A, L, G, B and C, raising a lot of questions. Four of the five members unveiled were Genie, Nayoon, Cherry and Bomin, who debuted in 2017 as parts of 10-member group GOOD DAY. Among them, Cherry was unveiled as the first member of RED SQUARE on May 4 under the new stage name ‘Chaea’.


Since the disbandment of GOOD DAY, the girls have reportedly been working hard to prepare for a new girl group. They are determined to seek another opportunity in the K-pop scene with their improved skills and perfect visuals. As he they had a long hiatus since their debut album, expectations are high on the members’ growth.

RED SQUARE will release their first single on May 19 and begin their activities. Attention is growing to what changes the four new members will make from GOOD DAY to RED SQUARE.