Baekhyun released new music video for his comeback this May ‘Candy‘ !


On May 25, EXO’s member Baekhyun released a new music video ‘Candy’ for 2nd solo mini-album ‘DELIGHT’. Baekhyun released his second mini-album ‘DELIGHT’ at 6:00 PM. This album includes the title song ‘Candy’, ‘RU Ridin’? ‘,’ Bungee ‘,’ Underwater ‘,’ Poppin ‘,’ Ghost ‘ (Ghost) ‘,’ Love Again ‘, and 7 songs of various moods. 

This title song ‘Candy’ is very sensual. It is enough to feel Baekhyun’s charm, which is comfortable but never ordinary. ‘Candy’ is an R & B song that compares Baekhyun’s infinite charm to various flavors of candy, and you can glimpse even the hip performance of his imposing attitude.

The song itself resembles Baekhyun’s figure. Witty lyrics, such as adult cinnamon and a bit of funny mint, reflect the charm of cheerful and cheerful Baekhyun. If you’re listening to Baekhyun’s vocals that are sweet and gentle, like the lyrics to ‘You’ll feel better if the scent in your pocket is overflowing’, you will smile at your lips. ‘Candy’ was completed by hitmaker Kenzie, popular composer DEEZ, and famous American producer Mike Daley. 


Check out MV below: