WINNER Mino, real name Song Minho, was photographed performing at a club in Yang Yang, Gangwon, although earlier the idol emphasized social distancing.

According to Dispatch, Song Minho visited the A club in Yang Yang County, Gangwon Province, on May 3. This is a new club that opened in Yangridan-gil on May 1.


Song Minho staged an impromptu performance at the club in question, as he grabbed a microphone in the DJ box and sang his hit song ‘Fiance’.

The club’s atmosphere heated up with Song Minho’s surprise appearance. People gathered around Song Minho. Most of the people there were wearing masks under their chin.

A representative from club A told Dispatch on the May 12, “Song Minho came to play on his way,” adding, “I didn’t officially invite him for the purpose of performing.”

He then defended himself, saying he had few customers. The official said, “There were only a few customers because it was the end of the holiday. Most of them were acquaintances of Song Minho.”


However, it is hard for Mino to avoid criticism after turning a blind eye on social distancing. It was a time when voluntary distancing was emphasized.

Club A recommended the use of hand sanitizers, temperature checking, listing and wearing masks before entering the club. However, few people were properly following the quarantine guidelines.

In fact, the ‘Itaewon COVID-19’ incident also broke out during this period. Earlier, Park Gyuri, a former member of girl group KARA, was also rumored to have entered a club in Itaewon.

South Korea is experiencing a new wave of COVID-19 spread after an infected young man went to 5 clubs in the Itaewon area in just one night. To date (May 12), 101 cases have been found associated with people visiting the clubs.