Recently, Chungha collaborated with Singles for a set of photos. Here, she also gave a small interview about her latest song, her new album and future projects.Chungha-reveals-she-will-do-things-she-has-never-done-in-new-album-4Last month, the singer has released a new ballad called Everybody Has under the project ‘new.wav’ of her agency. Reportedly, Chungha revealed that this project gives her and the artists a try on new things they’ve never done before.

Chungha has just released a new MV called ‘Everybody Has’

Chungha told the newspaper: “This is the first time I chose a ballad as the main release song. since ‘Week’ – the song before I released my first solo album, so it was a challenge for me. ” As the audience knows, since her solo debut in 2017 after the IOI project group disbanded, Chungha has quickly created momentum to become one of Korea’s top female solo artists, with a series of hits like Roller Coaster, Love U, Gotta Go and Snapping… Incidentally, she has never do any ballad.
Chungha looks stunning in her new photo shoots with Singles
When looking at the future, Chungha revealed: “I always have a very strong motivation to accomplish everything well. I will continue to improve my dance and I will keep practicing until I’m really tired. I will continue to pour all my efforts to seize every opportunity I have. My staff or fans used to ask ‘What are you going to do in the next album? What will you do next year?’. At the moment, I only know what I do now will be different from what I do next year and the year after that, so I just want to enjoy as much as possible. I will do things I have never done before with more passion.”Chungha-reveals-she-will-do-things-she-has-never-done-in-new-album-3Once again, we wishes Chungha will be more successful in her upcoming products and projects.