MNH Entertainment announced on June 2 that Chungha will release a new single ‘Be Yourself’ on June 9 as a part of the agency’s music project ‘New.wav’.


‘Be Yourself ‘sends a message that the MZ generation (a word that collectively refers to Millennial Generation and Generation Z) is centered on the keyword “Multi-persona” and cannot be defined in one single color.

In particular, this song is a collaboration with a beverage brand that Chungha recently appeared as a model, completing a refreshing summer melody like a drink that makes you forget the hot sunlight.

Through ‘Be Yourself’, which breaks the stereotyped identity of an advertisement and shows various personas inside, Chungha will deliver a strong message and capture the hearts of the listeners.

Meanwhile, MNH Entertainment’s music project ‘New.Wav’ borrowed the dictionary definition of ‘New wave’ and the extension name of the sound file ‘.wav’, to create a new wave of popular music.