‘Singularity’, a solo song by V from boy group BTS, has entered the international music charts again as fans celebrate its 2nd anniversary.


BTS V‘s solo song ‘Singularity’, released in 2018, has topped the Amazon digital music ‘Best Seller Song’ chart in the U.S. on May 7, marking the second anniversary of its release.

‘Singularity’ is BTS’ ‘Love Yourself: Tear’ intro song released in 2018 and was chosen as the best song by U.S. music critics that year. ‘Singularity’, which received explosive responses not only in South Korea but also abroad at the time of its release, is back on the charts amid support from fans around the world to celebrate its 2nd birthday. Not only Amazon, it also reappeared on the ‘iTunes Top Songs’ chart, and is regaining popularity around the world.


V’s fans around the world have also carried out donation projects to mark the second anniversary of ‘Singularity’. On Children’s Day – May 5, V’s global fanbase, V-UNION, and V-INSIDE in Korea have reportedly collected donations and send to the Isori Ensemble, a choir of hearing-impaired children.

The influence of BTS in general and member V in particular on the world is enormous. The achievements that fans around the world have worked together to brought to V’s solo song is impressive. Expectations are high on what V, BTS, and their fandom will create in the future.