BTS’s V‘s hobbies have been revealed.

On May 4, KB Kookmin Bank’s official YouTube channel posted an interview of V’s (BTS’s) hobby. KB Kookmin Bank in turn published BTS’s interviews about their hobbies, who are active as models of the mobile banking system ‘Liiv M’.

V chose backpacking tourism as desired instead of group tourism, the zoo instead of the park.


The person who boasts a special friendly ability – also known as an “insider” – gave an unexpected answer: “I prefer to stay home instead of going out’. He smiled shyly: “These days, I seem to be refraining from going out and just staying in the living room.”

Next is the ballad instead of the dance, and the newer one is the familiar one.

Finally, V chose the photo instead of the video. Fans who read this question easily recalled ‘Vante‘. ‘Vante’ is the nickname associated with the image of V and the names of the photographers he likes. V, who likes to take pictures with film cameras, once used the name ‘Vante’ when sharing photos he took with his fans.

Other than the prediction that real life is as brilliant as the superstar image that shines on stage, V likes black and white photos and film cameras as well as show similar hobbies.

Watch the interview below: