Jin (BTS) played piano to fans over the world!

On the afternoon of May 25, Jin showed his daily life on the official YouTube channel called BANGTANTV and revealed the working process for the new album.

Jin appeared in a comfortable outfit, sat in front of the piano, and said, “It’s a shame to show you when I haven’t been practicing for long, but after thinking about what to show you in time for the rest and making the album, I decided to do a YouTube Live show to show you about my new interests. ” Next, he said, “I just finished practicing, but because I was so nervous I started to not see any music (sheet music).” He added: “Hope you all see this as a fresh, lovely start”.


Jin watched the music while playing the piano, attracting the enthusiastic response of the fans watching live. He expressed a special enthusiasm when he said, “I started playing the piano with my friend. I recorded this song for an hour to show my friend and hear the saying ‘Cool.'”.

In addition, Jin shared about making a new album: “Jimin and V have decided to take on the music and visual parts respectively. They asked me to try about the costume, but I said no. Suga said that he will try to design (in charge of) designing the album, so I’m thinking about the charge of designing the album. ”

Jin focused on performing the piano for a while, after performing another song, he said, “I have to practice hard but it is still not enough” and ended the live broadcast on YouTube. Since April 17, BTS has interacted with fans through the BANGTANTV channel on YouTube and revealed the role of each person in the new album.