“Love on tour” has already been ready to rock this summer but because of the pandemic’s spreading, Harry Styles and his crew were forced to reschedule their plans.


Harry Styles, ex-member of One Direction and now a successful solo artist planned on his own tour for fans named “Love on tour” in North America. He will perform in 32 cities during the whole tour starts on August 14th and ends on October 28th. The tour also has a special guest, Jenny Lewis and a dress party on the last day of his tour, which is also the last day of October – a party called Harryween dress party, with Orville Peck and Madison Cunningham. This party will be held in New York.


However, those were events planned. Due to the worldwide spreading of Coronavirus, Harry Styles and his crew were forced to reschedule the tour’s date into next summer, which means 2021 Summer instead of this summer we are going through.

Take a look at his official announcement below.

The tweet quickly gained 60K retweets and 273.8K likes. Most of those are his fans saying thanks to him for not cancelling the tour, just delay it.


One said, “thank you for rescheduling and not cancelling so your fans can still see you! stay safe harry :)”

“Thank you so much for working so hard on rescheduling the dates. I love you so much. Can’t wait to see you on tour next year.”, another chimed in.


Let’s stay healthy together and patiently wait to see him next year.