What would you think about the feelings of a wife towards her husband’s sexual accusation? Must be undescribable and angry but more than that, “hurt” – as in Hailey’s latest share when being asked about Justin’s situation.
Hailey Baldwin is standing by Justin Bieber, as her husband was accused of two anonymous social media accounts to court over their allegations of sexual assault.


“Hailey is very hurt because they take these things very seriously,” a close source revealed.

“It was very obvious this couldn’t be true and factually impossible and she knows that.”

There were two incidents total detailed in the $20 million defamation lawsuit that Justin filed.

“One of these allegations [Hailey] herself was with him. There are multiple pictures all over the internet showing this,” the source adds, linked to “malicious false statements” that accused Justin of “sexually assaulting in a hotel room in New York City following the night of May 4, 2015,”


The social media user had accused Justin of sexual assault after the 2015 Met Gala. In explaining for the situation, Justin “went to and attended a celebrity-hosted private after-party at Up & Down, attended by dozens of other celebrities and witnesses…Bieber did not leave the celebrity after-party until close to 4 AM, when he then stopped at a hot-dog stand,” as the court documents shared.

“In [the accuser’s] fabrication, Kadi claims that she was invited-up and joined Bieber and a group of people hanging-out in his hotel room at 2:30 AM.”

While Hailey’s husband did perform at SXSW, he went on denying staying at the Four Seasons Hotel and said that he and his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez “stayed together at a rental property managed by DEN Property Group,” and Justin even brought out a proof as a receipt from this Airbnb stay.


The pop star and his legal team even suspected that the allegations may come from the same person based on the posting-timing. Or, the two social media users “conspired” for “a scheme to achieve fame and harm Bieber”. Such accusations are not new to Justin, however. “He kind of goes numb to them and he just hopes people will see the truth.”