Summer is coming, and so does the time for swimsuit and beaches to come! Model Hailey Baldwin Bieber – wife of Justin Bieber hasn’t been out of this!

Hailey-Baldwin-Bieber- Justin-Bieber-wife-shows-her-gorgeous-curves-in-swimsuit-1

Justin Bieber and his wife, Hailey Baldwin Bieber has recently spent their time together playing on the lakeside in Utah National Park, United States.

As the temperature is going up and up, the need for diving in the cool lake seems to be totally understandable. The couple had a wonderful time walking around the lake and exploring the park. They went on a $1 million caravan. The van has furniture and well-equipment just like a comfortable house.

Hailey-Baldwin-Bieber- Justin-Bieber-wife-shows-her-gorgeous-curves-in-swimsuit-2

It came to no surprise that Hailey’s body was on spot in that bright green swimsuit had succeeded in showing her gorgeous curves, next to her husband.

Hailey-Baldwin-Bieber- Justin-Bieber-wife-shows-her-gorgeous-curves-in-swimsuit-3

Justin Bieber is famous for being a husband who loves his wife so much. He proposed to Hailey with a $500,000 diamond ring and always take her on fancy trips by private jet. They live a wealthy and comfortable life together. He once said Hailey has a positive effect on his life. Many healthy living habits that Justin had today was influenced by Hailey Bieber.

Before being husband and wife, they had dated each other but broken up not so long after. When the couple decided to tie the old knot and finally getting married, Justin shared that breaking up with Hailey was the most regretful thing he has ever made.

Hailey-Baldwin-Bieber- Justin-Bieber-wife-shows-her-gorgeous-curves-in-swimsuit-4

Meanwhile, Hailey Bieber also shared about her love and caring to Justin. Hailey was under lots of pressure when people rumored her husband used drugs but now, she decided to not let all those awful things bother her anymore.

Although Justin said that he would want to have their babies of their own, he happily lets his wife enjoys her youth in their marriage, until Hailey’s ready to be a mother.