It can be said that early 2020 is the most unlucky year for Chinese actor Xiao Zhan. After the ‘227 incident‘ (a huge website in China was removed due to Xiao Zhan’s fans reporting it, on February 27), he was boycotted by netizens on all aspects. Due to some mindless actions of his fans, the idol himself has suffered many bad things: his movie works which used to have high score on Douban (a social network in China where movies are rated, like IMDb) is downrated, the brands collaborating with him all start to leave…


From a famous star with a massive fandom, Xiao Zhan suddenly had to dive, and he did not even post any new activities on his social accounts.


Although the idol chose to remain silent, his fans are still active on social networks. After the ‘227 incident’, fans became more enthusiastic and more active in supporting their idol. Even though he did not appear much, fans still helped him have a place on domestic star charts, ranked in the top 10.


However, 43 days after the 227 incident, Xiao Zhan finally made a move on his personal Weibo. The actor uploaded a hand-painted picture of a peach blossom tree, which quickly led to big discussion of netizens. Xiao Zhan himself is a huge star, so any status posted on his Weibo gets noticed and discussed. This is also the first post in more than a month, so it makes the netizens go wild.


The painting of a peach blossom looks simple but contains many meanings, according to many comments. A lot of netizens said that the peach blossom symbolizes good luck and resilience, as the tree itself is not afraid of the cold winter.


Xiao Zhan posted this picture as if he meant that people who did not experience storms will not see the beautiful rainbow after that. Many people said that he was cheering for himself, and encouraging fans to persevere and be stronger because even if it rains, it can not prevent the peach to blossom.