A “flow” in China is defined as an artist with a super strong fandom. The Chinese entertainment industry has thousands of actors, but few reach the “flow” title. For Chinese netizens, phrases such as ‘Big Four, Small Three, Peak Two’ are very familiar – these are titles they use for the biggest “flows”.  By 2020, the flow list seems to remain unchanged despite the volatile stars.

1. Big Four

The ‘Big Four’ flows refer to Luhan, Wu Yifan, Yang Yang and Li Yifeng. The 4 stars have a long career in the entertainment industry – for nearly a decade. Although many young actors emerge at the moment, no one has reached the level of the big four.

top-11-chinese-stars-with-the-biggest-fandom-in-mainland-2After a series of famous historical TV series such as Swords of Legends, The Lost Tomb and Noble Aspirations, Li Yifeng tried many other different genres. His most recent work is Wait in Beijing, in which he stars with Jiang Shuying.

top-11-chinese-stars-with-the-biggest-fandom-in-mainland-3Yang Yang is working hard to remove the image of “the handsome boy” in Love O2O. Last year, he starred in The King’s Avatar – a film about esport which were quite successful. His Glory of the Special Forces is scheduled to air this year.

top-11-chinese-stars-with-the-biggest-fandom-in-mainland-4Last year, Wu Yifan focused on music rather than acting. He is a permanent producer of The Rap Of China. However, Wu Yifan is about to reappear on the small screen with the lead role in The Golden Hairpin.

top-11-chinese-stars-with-the-biggest-fandom-in-mainland-5Luhan had a bad year in 2019 when Shanghai Fortress in which he starred with Shu Qi was disparaged. Soon, Luhan will become the coach of the reality show Produce Camp 2020.

2. Small Three – TFBOYS

Debut at a young age, now, although they have just reached the age of 20, the Small Three consists of Wang Yuan, Wang Junkai and Yi Yangqianxi are considered as “seniors” in the industry. The 3 stars are proficient in many areas, from music, movies to fashion.

top-11-chinese-stars-with-the-biggest-fandom-in-mainland-6Yi Yangqianxi has made a spectacular breakthrough last year in the field of movies. He is the only male actor named in this year’s Hong Kong Film Awards’ nomination for his role as Xiao Bei in Better Days. His drama The Longest Day in Chang’an were also listed in the Top hottest films of 2019.


Although Wang Yuan is busy studying abroad, there were still two of his films released, The Great Lord and So Long, My Son. The Great Lord received mixed criticism but Wang Yuan has made many progress. So Long, My Son wins big at the 69th Berlin Film Festival and the 32nd Golden Rooster Awards.

top-11-chinese-stars-with-the-biggest-fandom-in-mainland-8Wang Junkai has participated in a number of films such as Chinese Bestiary, and I Am The Head Teacher, but only as a guest star. In 2020, he will star in Bureau 749.

3. Peak Two

Peak Two refers to of Zhu Yilong – an actor famous for Guardian and Cai Xukun – the “nation’s center” of Nine Percent. Unlike other stars, Cai Xukun did not act in movies, only focusing on music. He currently attracts much attention by being the host for Youth With You Season 2.

top-11-chinese-stars-with-the-biggest-fandom-in-mainland-9Zhu Yilong is still working in the movie industry very steadily. Although My True Friend was not praised much last year, it was still in the Top 3 most discussed movies. His The Lost Tomb Reboot has yet to air and To Dear Myself is in production.

top-11-chinese-stars-with-the-biggest-fandom-in-mainland-104. Breakthrough stars

The breakthrough stars this year are three actors emerging after 2019: Xiao Zhan, Wang YiBo and Li Xian. It is no exaggeration to say these are the 3 stars that are most sought after by brands and entertainment shows today. However, whether they will maintain the attention of the audience or not is a question that only time will tell.


Xiao Zhan is currently the hottest star, but his recent scandal also devastated him. After The Untamed, he starred in movies such as Jade Dynasty – which received many negative reviews, his role in Joy of Life was also controversial. Other movies such as Douluo Continent and The Wolf are waiting to be broadcasted. Currently, he is still waiting for the scandal to settle.


Wang YiBo – a partner of Xiao Zhan in The Untamed is more favorable. His Legend of Fei with Zhao Liying are about finish, while Ice, Rain, Fire with Chen Xiao is about to start filming. There is a rumor that Wang YiBo will be starring in another project, Luoyang.

top-11-chinese-stars-with-the-biggest-fandom-in-mainland-13After Go Go Squid!, Li Xian had Sword Dynasty aired at the end of 2019 but the film didn’t receive much praise. His Chi Hu Shu Sheng – a boy love movie with Chen Linong is waiting to be released.