Luhan started 2020 with a series of good news, confirming that he is still one of the stars with the most fans in China.

After Luhan confirmed he will become a coach in survival show ‘Produce Camp 2020’, fans are delighted that the good news about the idol continues to come. Almost 30 year-old, Luhan is still one of the hottest stars with the incredible support of a powerful fandom.


At the end of March, one of the five major male magazines – ELLE MEN announced that Luhan would become their cover star of April. Within 1 minute, his fandom bought all 42,000 copies of the magazine!


Today, March 7, Luhan continues to appear in another famous magazine, Madame Figaro. This time he is also the cover star – his pose is extremely handsome and seductive, as he tried different styles.


On the cover, Luhan has bright and trendy blonde hair, which makes his facial features become delicate and attractive. With stylish retro sunglasses, warm yellow suit with distinctive eye-catching V-neck, the male idol is both masculine and youthful.


Like the last time, Madame Figaro magazine this month with 37777 copies was sold out within seconds, immediately bringing back 1.5 million yuan (220,000 USD). Seeing this number, many people are overwhelmed by Luhan’s fans’ ability to support their idol.


Previously, there were many rumors that Luhan was losing his popularity because there are too many new stars and the fact that he had a girlfriend made fans angry. However, this new achievement has once again proved that the male idol is still one of the Big Four – the four young stars in China with the most fans.