‘Go Fighting’ is a Chinese show with many famous artists that brings a lot of laughter to viewers. Its sixth and latest season has officially started filming with guest stars Zhang Yixing (EXO Lay), Dilraba Dilmurat and Deng Lun. Recently, behind-the-scene photos of the show have been released.


From the photos of journalists, fans see that many people are still wearing masks, and the whole cast of ‘Go Fighting!’ is no exception, as the COVID-19 pandemic is still there. Everyone and the artist paid close attention to their health and those around them.


However, what gets netizens’ attention the most is the warm act from Lay. When Lay went pass a wooden wish board, he stopped and wrote his own wishes. According to the photos, Lay was squatting and intently writing on the wooden board, so many netizens were curious about what he wrote.


And not long after that, the fan found out that he wrote, “I wish ‘Go Fighting!’ will be loved and safe. I wish the world will be peaceful, and everyone’s life is full of happiness.”


Although Lay could not join as a fixed member in ‘Go Fighting!’, what he wishes for the show and everyone was truly touching.


Lay used to be a fixed member on the show ‘Go Fighting!’ in the early seasons. In the show, he learned a lot from his seniors. So far, Lay has spent 5 years attending many variety shows and gained a lot of experience as well as relationships. Hopefully after this program, Lay can bring more surprises to the audience and fans, as well as prove his ability and retain his pure simplicity.