Actors Park Seo Joon, IULee Hyun WooGo Chang SukKim Jong Soo, and more have officially kicked off filming for director Lee Byung Hun‘s upcoming film ‘Dream‘!

An anticipated new human drama production by director Lee Byung Hun of ‘Extreme Jobs‘, this movie tells the story of a star soccer player who is forced to take a break from his career after becoming wrapped up in an unexpected controversy. Park Seo Joon takes on the role of the film’s male lead Yoon Hong Dae, a star soccer player tasked with whipping an oddly formed new soccer team into shape.


Opposite Park Seo Joon, IU plays the role of the film’s female lead Lee So Min. A broadcasting station PD, Lee So Min aims to capture a majorly successfully documentary from the story of this rag-tag soccer team led by Yoon Hong Dae.

After kicking off filming this May 7, ‘Dream’ is expected to premiere some time in early 2021. Check out some photos from the cast’s first script reading session while you wait, below.