Once again, Park Myung Soo showed the perfect combination as a photographer of Joy (Red Velvet).

On June 28 on personal Instagram, Joy posted some pictures with the caption: “Myung Soo uncle always treated and lead me comfortably. Thanks to him, this tour was really interesting!”

In the photos, Joy is posing closely with Park Myung Soo during the filming of ‘Salty Tour‘ (tvN). The photos of the two smiling brightly with the blue sea add to the warmth.

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In particular, Joy’s photos showing Park Myung Soo’s photography skills have made fans admired. Earlier, Joy and Park Myung Soo appeared in the Spanish episode of ‘Salty Tour’. The two people who had shown special coordination at the time met again through the Jeju Island episode. Following Spain, Park Myung Soo is also gaining attention by revealing behind-the-scenes activities as Joy’s photographer.

In a video posted on the official Naver TV channel of ‘Salty Tour’ on June 30, Park Myung Soo made viewers laugh when complaining, “Let’s go.”


Comments of netizens have shown warm reactions such as “This group is the best”, “The photos of Park Myung Soo are really beautiful. The perfect combination”, “Like father and daughter” …

On the other hand, ‘Salty Tour’ with Joy (Red Velvet) and Park Myung Soo will air on tvN at 7:40 pm (Korean time) on June 30.