June 2, Park Bo Gum’s agency Blossom Entertainment made an official statement regarding the actor’s potential military enlistment later this year.


“Park Bo Gum has applied for the Republic of Korea Navy’s culture and promotion branch. He attended an interview for the application on June 1.”

Blossom Entertainment continued, “Because he did everything quietly, only a handful of people know even at the agency. Though there may be much that you are curious about, the situation will change depending on the result, so please understand that it’s difficult to disclose any details at the moment.”


Reports also detailed that Park Bo Gum has applied for the Navy’s music corps. He is said to have been influenced by his father, who is also a former marine. During his naval music corps audition and interview, Park Bo Gum is said to have displayed commendable piano and vocal skills.

The results of Park Bo Gum’s interview and audition will be released on June 26. If he is accepted into the naval music corps, Park Bo Gum will be enlisting later this summer on August 31. After completing 6-weeks of training with the navy, he will serve out the remainder of his 20-month mandatory service until April of 2022.

Meanwhile, Park Bo Gum’s upcoming tvN drama “A Record of Youth” is set to premiere this year, and he is also appearing in his movie “Wonderland”.