Viewers are divided on their stance about P.O on ‘Amazing Saturday‘.

On the 9th, P.O. yelled at various members of ‘Amazing Saturday’. When it was Hyeri‘s turn to answer the question, he emphasized that he had raised his hand first. However, when she did not get the answer right, he said, “She always does this when she gets it wrong.” He also raised his voice at Kim Dong Hyun. When he was eating and Kim Dong Hyun tried to explain to him how to eat it, he yelled, “I’ll eat it the way I want, so leave me alone. You keep telling me how to eat it.

Some viewers have commented that even if it was a variety show, P.O. had crossed the line, while others believed that it was just for the sake of the variety show.

Did you watch the episode on the 9th? What did you think?