The World Of The Married’ (JTBC) has received explosive love from the audience.

On April 22 the first special episode of ‘The World Of The Married’ will be broadcasted. The special episodes will contain true stories of actors such as Kim Hee Ae, Park So Hee, Park Sun Young, Shim Eun Woo, Lee Hak Joo, and Lee Moo Sa. The plan is to solve actors’ interviews and audience curiosity about cast and this drama, including famous scenes and behind-the-scenes stories of famous stories that keep the audience crazy.


The production team of the movie ‘The World Of The Married’ shared, “We want to share the lingering imagery of the film for the viewers who have given us so much love.” “Through the voice of the actors who led the film with enthusiasm, we will feel the sincerity that they had in the work.”

‘The World Of The Married’ is a remake of ‘Doctor Foster‘ (BBC). The final episode achieved 28.4% nationwide, which was an amazing result. Mark Lindsey, BBC Studio’s creative director in the UK, praised: “The actors and production team have created the best work,” and the original author Mike Bartlett also said: “Very impressive. The life of a woman after the divorce is successful in the story. If you can share many stories through the movie, there will be nothing more fun.”

The special episodes of ‘The World Of The Married’ will be broadcast at 22h50 (Korean time) on May 22 and 23.