Binggrae announced on the 3rd that it will use IU as a model to promote for banana-flavored milk and conduct an eco-friendly campaign called “Banana to Protect the Earth.”


Banana-flavored milk campaign “Protecting the Earth” aims to convey to consumers the message about environmentally friendly – a recent social topic. A marketing official of Binggrae said: “Consumers’ interest in the environment is increasing. We will deliver our message of environmental protection in a fun way through the collaboration of banana-flavored milk and IU, which are all familiar to us.”


Meanwhile, Binggrae is planning a second round of crowdfunding for the June 5 Environment Day. Bubastis is an ideal product that helps cut the label and a cap to attached to the plastic bottle easily, meaning “a banana flavored milk stick that makes it easier to separate and discharge. It was made by recycling 100% of the empty banana-flavored milk bottles”.


In April, Binggrae’s Bunbastic campaign, which was conducted through Naver’s Happy Bean crowdfunding in collaboration with global environmental company Terracycle, ended early as it exhausted all 4,000 items it had prepared in just three weeks. All proceeds from crowdfunding will be donated to NGO environmental protection organizations via Naver Happy Bean. The volume of the second round of BUNBASIC funding is 10,000 units, up from the first one, and will be carried out through Naver’s Happy Bean crowdfunding, and the proceeds will also be donated in full.