Saffron Barker has revealed she’s “fitter than ever” after training every day in lockdown and changing to a plant-based diet.

The Strictly and YouTube star, 19, told MailOnline she’s in ‘the best shape of my life” thanks to “eating clean” and keeping up her dance training by doing daily TikTok videos.

In an exclusive interview, the influencer explained she “wasn’t in the best place” at the start of lockdown but focusing on her fitness goal of getting abs has given her a new lease of life.


She said: “At the start of lockdown I wasn’t in the best place. I was really run down and after that first week I thought, lets make use of this time. It’s weird, since lockdown I feel like I’m fitter than ever. I’m in the best shape of my life.

Even though we’ve been inside I’ve been trying to stay as fit and as healthy as possible. I have been working out every single day. I’ve always absolutely loved fitness, especially since doing the marathon last year but I still really wasn’t that fit.

But now I’ve been training more than ever and really been trying to get in shape. I’ve been keeping up my dancing skills because I’ve been doing TikTok videos almost everyday.


Abs would be my end goal dream. I want to gain muscle as well, I don’t want to be a heavy lifter or anything but I want to become fit and abs are the dream.

The TV star, who competed on Strictly Come Dancing last year with AJ Pritchard, 25, said she’s feeling stronger after eliminating meat from her diet and avoiding her weakness, chocolate raisons. 


She said: “I’ve been eating clean, I’ve been plant-based for around two months now, which is something new that I’ve taken up since lockdown.

I am such a fussy eater, I like plain food, and so meat was such a big part of my diet. But I haven’t missed meat that much. I definitely feel better for it.