Tina Fey has returned to Saturday Night Live to complain about the boring COVID-19 lockdown and thanking health workers.

The SNL alum and 30 Rock creator joined Michael Che on her old post on Weekend Update, where she famously appeared alongside Jimmy Fallon and Amy Poehler between 2000 and 2006.

She joked about Zoom backgrounds, including “a picture of Gov. Cuomo holding you like a baby…you can hit his nipple ring like a rattle” and the trend of baking your own bread. “There are so many great hacks you can get off the internet, for example, did you know if you are baking cookies, and you don’t have any flour, you can just go to bed.”

Tina Fey signed off by thanking nurses, doctors and doormen.


This formed part of the NBC sketch show’s season 45 finale, recorded remotely due to COVID-19.

The show also featured a slew of celebrity cameos including spots by Martin Short, Josh Gad and Danny Trejo.

Short featured in a Zoom Catch-Up, highlighting the absurd amount of time spent on the video platform, as ‘Ripley’ who had just returned from Italy, where he went after the Coronavirus ravaged the European country.

Gad, meanwhile, turned in a pop star performance to sing a solo as part of a ‘Let Kids Drink’ sketch. The voice of Frozen’s Olaf, sang, “Give kids drinks, Disney said it’s fine, wait what is this, and here’s a bedtime story, it’s vodka, soda, lime,” in a performance he later joked was “meant to be my ‘We Are The World’.


Finally, Trejo popped up at the end of a Pete Davidson rap, proclaiming that he also owned a donut store, in addition to his very long IMDB and Taco restaurant.

The episode marked the show’s third “At Home” episode amid the coronavirus pandemic. The first installment aired on April 11 and was opened by Tom Hanks and featured a musical performance from Chris Martin.