In a recent shocking new, the sitcom FRIENDS star Matthew Perry broke up with his girlfriend Molly Hurwitz. Their relationship was almost a secret but now as it comes to an end, various news about their relationship and breaks up has started coming out in open. The 50 years old Matthew Perry was in a relationship with her for a quite long time.

Last Wednesday, a very dishevelled picture of he surfaced on the internet. And that pictured had created various speculations about the reason behind such condition of this star. And on Friday, a news agency had reported about the breakup of Matthew Perry with Molly Hurwitz.


Although their relationship was a secret there are some concrete facts about their relationship which are in open. He started dating his 29-year-old talent manager some two years ago. Many people were shocked when the news of their breakup came as it was believed that Matthew Perry was single during these years. Of course, after his breakup with his long time girlfriend Lizzy Caplan, Perry was single for many years. But somewhere in 2018, he started seeing Molly Hurwitz.


Molly Hurwitz had written a sweet tribute, on her Instagram page, of their relationship this year on the Valentine’s Day. And just a couple of weeks Matthew Perry had started following her by officially creating an account on Instagram. Another media outlet had spotted the couple, Perry and Hurwitz, leaving a restaurant together last year.

The reason behind the breakup is unknown. Matthew Perry and Molly Hurwitz have also not talked about it yet.