The story of The Invisible Man has been built in an interesting sequence to the end of the splash. So what really happened to the genius guy, Adrian Griffin? (SPOILER WARNING).

The 2020 version of Leigh Whannell’s The Invisible Man takes a whole new approach to the fictional horror story of writer H.G.Wells. Due to the modernization context, the work brings a completely different character Cecilia Kass (Elisabeth Moss). She is tortured by her ex-husband Adrian Griffin (Oliver Jackson Cohen), a genius in the field of optics, who cannot accept Cecilia’s request to leave her. This is a story that is considered to be quite excellent and the content is interesting to develop, including a rather sensational ending.


The ending of The Invisible Man begins with a battle in the house of police officer James Lanier (Aldis Hodge). The villain in the stealth suit was shot to death, but when he took off the mask he was not Adrian but his brother, Tom (Michael Dorman).


The ending film ends with Cecilia Kass being able to make a fresh start when she has her own stealth suit. Many viewers have speculated on Cecilia’s new fate that there may be encounters with the new invisible. However, everything is still a hypothesis, currently, the manufacturer has not revealed anything about the intention to do the next part.

The current film production plan for Universal’s classic demons is completely different from the studio’s previous approach. In 2017, Universal intended to create a large-scale brand that combines multiple movies, called the Dark Universe. However, all that ambition collapsed when Tom Cruise’s The Mummy became a box office bomb. This has opened the way for studios, Universal’s simple goal now is to promote independent film brands and collaborate with talented directors like Leigh Whannell.

Source Cinemablend