13 Reasons Why – One of the unique and dauntless shows out there. We have already seen 3 seasons and are anxiously waiting for the next one. From the looks of, we might get it soon. The show was already been renewed for the next season after the third season. Well, it came with no surprise as it was pretty obvious that the show would be renewed as it is one of the most famous shows out there.


Well, no confirmed release date has been revealed to us. However, there has been some anticipation regarding the potential release date. Presently the production of the show is at a halt. Of course, due to the lockdown amid coronavirus pandemic. As soon as the lockdown is lifted the production will start.

Well, Dylan Minette will be seen playing the role of Clay Jensen along with Alisha Boe playing the role of Jessica. Zack will be portrayed by Ross Butler. Moreover, Tony will be played by Christina Navarro, Justin by Brandon Flynn and Alex as Miles Heizer. These are likely to return. Hanna and Bryce can also return if there’s a flashback scene. Well, the actors playing these character have also said these roles have helped them grow as a person and gain new experiences of life.


We have to accept the fact that it is a controversial show. It is likely to carry the tone in the upcoming episodes as well. So the third season would also have the same level of excitement and suspense. There’s a lot of question from the past season and a lot of justice to be done. So the next 13 Reasons Why season could feature it. We might get to see justice for Monty.