Top 5 Aesthetic Styles Most K-Pop Idols Have That Are Loved by Netizens

Top 5 Aesthetic Styles Most K-Pop Idols Have That Are Loved by Netizens

Of course, each K-Pop group has its own style and music genre that they follow. However, if talking individually, these idols have their own aesthetic vibe that is so outstanding and becomes their signature style.

In the technical sense of the word, aesthetics is a branch of philosophy that deals with the philosophy of art and the nature and subjectivity of beauty and taste. However, in the modern sense of the word, an “aesthetic” refers to the core principles of a particular style.

However, this style is not limited to one’s sense of fashion but also extends to their overall “vibe” and the kind of energy they give off. All of this might sound abstract, but there is quite a bit of accuracy to such measures. Here are 5 of our favorite aesthetic types and the idols we think fit perfectly into them!

The “e” aesthetic

The “e” aesthetic, popularly known as the “e-girl” or “e-boy” aesthetic but not limited to either gender, is an alternative aesthetic quite similar to pastel goth, but the “e” does not, in fact, stand for emo. It stands for “electronic” in order to indicate the origin of the aesthetic on social media apps like TikTok. Idols like BLACKPINK Jennie, STRAY KIDS Hyunjin, and TWICE Chaeyoung can be described as falling under this category.


Cottage-core is an aesthetic that celebrates all things vintage and harmonious with nature. A quieter or even rural lifestyle is glorified in this aesthetic, and the overarching theme is one of simple, sustainable, and calm living. However, that is not necessarily the life led by those who fall under this aesthetic but rather, the one that they choose to present. BTS V, with his love for vintage and IU with her pixie-like nature, are perfectly categorized under "cottage-core."


The spirit of this aesthetic lies with someone who is confidently and unapologetically themselves. They're fierce and powerful, and the best part is that they know it. More than their outward appearance, such as clothes or makeup, their inner empowerment shines through in this aesthetic. K-Pop is built on the backs of a lot of baddies, but CHUNGHA, MONSTA X I.M, CL, DAWN, and Jessi are some of the perfect representations of the aesthetic.


"Angelcore" is inspired by everything ethereal, otherworldly, unattainable, and variations of the same are endless. Much like most of these aesthetic categories, angelcore, too, can vary from person to person, but the basic principles of design remain the same. After all, fallen angels are angels too. As such, BTS Jimin and SHINee Taemin represent those very dualities that this aesthetic carries.


One of the most critically appreciated and culturally progressive aesthetic in recent times has been the androgynous aesthetic. K-Pop has always been experimental about gender boundaries and smashing those norms to the ground, but the world is finally catching up. Idols like Miya from GWSN, Amber Liu, Jeonghan of SEVENTEEN, Ren from NU'EST, and Lu Keran from Fanxy Red and THE9 are some of the best examples of this aesthetic.


8 K-Pop Idol Styles To Add To Your Wardrobe This Year

For many of us, 2020 was not so much the year of fashion as it was the year of sweatpants, loungewear, and other comfy fits well suited for the COVID-induced homebody lifestyle. After all, why dress to the nines just to chill on the couch and binge-watch “True Beauty” all day? But now it’s the new year, which means it might finally be time to think about ditching those track pants and trying out something a little more stylish. Check out these fashionable idol looks for some sartorial inspiration to help you look your best in 2021.


So you’ve heard about tweed but have yet to really get behind it, maybe because it seems outdated or stodgy, or maybe because you think it’s just not your thing. Well I’ve got news for you: Tweed is where it’s at, and maybe you’ll agree once you see how breathtaking AB6IX’s Lee Dae Hwi looks in his contemporary tasseled number.

From overcheck twill to Cheviot, people can’t seem to get enough of the sophisticated tweed look and its perfect blend of luxury and ruggedness these days. Pair a subtly sparkly tweed jacket like ASTRO member Cha Eun Woo’s with your favorite jeans for a more casual look, or take a cue from Red Velvet’s Joy and go full on tweed, top and bottom, for a posh and polished vibe. Either way, we’re sure you’ll look fabulous in tweed this year.


A beret adds a refined touch to any outfit in any season and is great for both casual and more formal looks alike. Truly, since this classic accessory comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors, there’s no shortage of possibilities when it comes to styling it. Take BLACKPINK member Rosé’s no-frills black beret, for example, which looks smart and sophisticated when paired with her pleated skirt and knee high stockings.

Then there’s The Boyz’s New and his twinkling tweed beret and sweater vest combo that makes him look absolutely precious. The members of UP10TION also each find a way to make the look best suit them, taking full advantage of the different colorways at their disposal. For more beret inspo, check out how these other idols style berets too.

All Black

Want to look devilishly gorgeous like Red Velvet’s Seulgi? What about handsomely chic like KNK’s Seoham? Then consider trying an all-black outfit. The all-black look is so simple yet so stunning, making it perfect for those who aren’t into loud prints or bright colors, as well as those in search of an effortless way to look cool and put together. It’s clean. It’s timeless. It’s versatile. What’s not to like?

Pro tip: When styling this minimalist monochrome look, try playing with different textures like MONSTA X’s Shownu has to give your outfit added depth and visual interest.

Sweater vests

Patterned or plain, cropped or long, v-neck or u-neck — no matter the style, a sweater vest is a great way to give an ordinary outfit a little extra oomph. Now, sweater vests may remind some of you of your school uniform days or your grandpa’s closet, but don’t let any preconceptions you might have stop you from slipping an argyle knit vest like MAMAMOO’s Wheein did over a basic white tee or button-up for your next casual day out.

You can also pair some dark sunnies with your outfit like BTS’s Jimin to give it more of an edge. Or, for a more cute and girlish look, try out LOONA member Chuu’s cropped vest and mini skirt combo, which is sure to have all eyes on you.

Animal prints

Move over, stripes, polka dots, and plaid, there’s a new pattern in town, and it’s got a bit of a wild side. Animal prints aren’t actually new at all, but that doesn’t mean we don’t still hesitate sometimes when it comes to wearing them, unsure of whether we can confidently pull them off.

This is the year to put aside such fears, however, and embrace all things leopard, cheetah, or otherwise. Consider layering a bold animal print under a solid tone jacket like UP10TION’s Kuhn for a more subtle approach, or go all out and apply the print to your whole look like TWICE’s Dahyun.

Also, don’t be afraid to step away from neutral shades and combine this eye-catching pattern with vibrant colors to make yourself really stand out from the crowd, just like Soyeon of (G)I-DLE.


Leather will never not be cool. So if you are yet to be the proud owner of a leather jacket, perhaps now’s the time to get one. That way, you can look as cool, calm, and collected as Yuna and Ryujin of ITZY with relatively little effort, day or night.

For those looking to do some serious power dressing, you can also whip out a pair of leather pants to go with said jacket like MAMAMOO’s Hwasa, which will only make your fit that much hotter. Alternatively, you can forego the whole two-piece look altogether and don a luxurious leather dress like MAMAMOO’s Solar.

And let’s not forget, leather doesn’t come in only black and neutrals, nor should it. Case in point: MONSTA X’s Kihyun and his blazing red leather jacket.

Bucket hats

Like berets, bucket hats come in a wide assortment of styles and colors, enabling them to be mixed and matched with all sorts of outfits throughout the year. In the warmer months, I’m partial to pastel, wide brim hats like Yubin’s pretty in pink one, since they help block out more sun and add a touch of sweetness to an outfit.

Self-tie bucket hats like Weki Meki member Kim Doyeon’s are also great, as they look oh so darling when paired with a frilly dress or easy breezy top. During the colder part of the year, try a fuzzy boucle bucket hat like Weki Meki member Sei’s on for size to keep your head nice and toasty.

Last but not least, for an excellent year-round option, go with a black bucket hat like A.C.E member Donghun’s, which is always on trend.

Canvas sneakers

At least one pair of canvas shoes (often more, since they come in so many fun colors, patterns, and prints nowadays) is a must in every fashionista’s closet, K-pop idol or not. Not only do they have undying appeal, but they also go with virtually everything, from skinny jeans to mini skirts and maxi dresses to joggers. When it comes to casual looks, bright and bold colored sneakers look good paired with denim, as VAV’s Ayno and the members of BTS often do.

That said, neutral colored shoes can also nicely round out any outfit. I’m particularly in love with Jang Won Young’s checkered Vans and the way their striking pattern more than makes up for their lack of vibrant color.

Which idol fashion trends do you recommend? Let us know in the comments below!