These Are 11 Female K-Pop Idols Won The Fashion Face Awards By I-MAGAZINE

These Are 11 Female K-Pop Idols Won The Fashion Face Awards By I-MAGAZINE

It must be hard to decide when they’re all so beautiful!

I-MAGAZINE, a digital magazine based in various different countries such as the U.K., South Korea, China and others, has released the winners of the Fashion Face Awards 2020. This list is expected to be one of the most influential references in the industry!

There are many criteria that go into selecting and ranking the winners, who are ultimately chosen by the team of five judges which includes artists and film directors. These rankings are determined by using Adobe facial recognition software to analyze facial features but also through votes by the I-MAGAZINE team, which includes 350 different professionals in over 30 countries. The overall criteria include distinctive characteristics, unique facial expressions, and versatility, amongst others.

Amongst the 55 winners of the Asian Female category there were quite a few K-Pop idols! Here is the extensive list and their rankings!

43. IU

40. Taeyeon

31. BLACKPINK Jennie

29. TWICE Mina

28. ITZY Yuna

23. f(x) Krystal

16. Lee Hyo Ri

14. Red Velvet Joy


3. MAMAMOO Hwasa



Top 30 Female K-Pop Idols That Are Most Loved By Japanese Fans

Recently, Nehan, which is considered Japan’s biggest K-Pop-related website, has revealed which female K-Pop idols are considered the most popular in the country!

Below is the top 30 female K-Pop idols who are most loved in Japan at the present. And of course, not only idols with a Japanese background gain love from people of this country.

30. Chaeryeong (ITZY)

29. Mayuka (NiziU)

28. Yoona (Girls’ Generation)

27. Nayeon (TWICE)

26. Hitomi (IZ*ONE)

25. Chaeyoung (TWICE)

24. Jihyo (TWICE)

23. Nako (IZ*ONE)

22. Jiyoung (former KARA)

21. Miihi (NiziU)

20. Lisa (BLACKPINK)

19. Jeongyeon (TWICE)

18. Gyuri (former KARA)

17. Nicole (former KARA)

16. Dahyun (TWICE)

15. Tzuyu (TWICE)

14. Youngji (former KARA)

13. The late Goo Hara

12. Yena (APRIL)

11. Jinsol (APRIL)

10. Chaewon (APRIL)

9. Rachel (APRIL)

8. Chaekyung (APRIL)

7. Seungyeon (former KARA)

6. Momo (TWICE)

5. IU

4. Sana (TWICE)

3. Naeun (APRIL)

2. Mina (TWICE)

1. Sakura (IZ*ONE)

It can be seen that Japanese fans are fond of the innocent and pure beauty, which is the major vibe of these idols mentioned above.