The 10 Most Expensive Jewelries Worn By BLACKPINK Lisa In “Ice Cream”

The 10 Most Expensive Jewelries Worn By BLACKPINK Lisa In “Ice Cream”

“Ice on my wrist, yeah, I like it like this”

When BLACKPINKsaid “ice on my wrist” in “Ice Cream” with Selena Gomez, they weren’t kidding. The music video is jam-packed with “icy” jewelry pieces, and many of them belonged to main dancer Lisa. Just take a look at her 10 most expensive earrings, necklaces and more from the MV and try not to let your jaw drop at the prices.


Remember, "Ice cream" was out when Lisa was still the brand ambassador of BVLGARI, she's the Global ambassador of this brand now so the amounts of this luxurious brand's jewelry must increase in BLACKPINK's new videos.

10. These $325 earrings

In this scene, Lisa wore these $325 USD classic chandelier earrings from AREA. They brought an elegant edge to her adorable dress and baker boy cap combo.


9. This $475 necklace

Lisa wore several layered necklaces in this scene. Alongside chunky hip hop chains, she donned a modest $475 USD one ball tiny cross from Chrome Hearts.


8. This $2,250 ring

What better to match Lisa’s chrome nails than a stunning ring? This unique $2,250 USD BVLGARI Bvlgari Collection ring made her hands look even prettier here.


7. This $2,300 ring

Lisa was iced out to the max in this shot. One of the rings on her hand is a B.zero1 ring from BVLGARI, worth $2,300 USD.


6. This $4,050 brooch

BLACKPINK went all-out on the ice cream theme for this song, so it’s no surprise that Lisa wore a tiny ice-cream shaped brooch from BVLGARI too. Despite its size, the brooch costs $4,050 USD.


5. This $14,200 necklace

Lisa wore her $2,250 USD BVLGARI ring here, too. Upping the glam to contrast her sporty look, she always wore a colorful necklace from the Bvlgari Collection worth $14,200 USD.


4. This $14,500 watch

Heading back to Lisa’s purple fur coat scene, you can’t miss how gorgeously her arm is adorned in this $14,500 BVLGARI Serpenti Tubogas watch, which curves around her like a snack.


3. This $38,500 necklace

Next up is her BVLGARI Serpenti necklace, which retails for a staggering $38,500 USD.


2. This $45,000 ring

The last jewelry piece to note in this scene is the $45,000 USD BVLGARI Serpenti ring. Lisa could probably pay your tuition fees several times over with the ice in this outfit alone.


1. This $53,000 bracelet

And the most expensive jewelry piece Lisa wore in the music video (as well as the most expensive “Ice Cream” accessory overall) was this Serpenti bracelet. If you thought the other jewels in this MV were expensive, think again. This one is worth an incredible $53,000 USD.


Let's check the MV for a closer look of these fancy items!


YG Confirms BLACKPINK Rosé And Lisa Will Film Their Solo Debut MV Soon


BLACKPINK's agency YG Entertainment announced on December 30 that, "Rosé and Lisa are gearing up for their solo songs. It is right that we are preparing to shoot the music video as planned."

"Jisoo plans to release two solo songs later because she is filming for the drama 'Snowdrop'. We will let you know the detailed schedule of the release later," they added.


In particular, Rosé and Lisa's solo songs were something that many global fans waited for. Earlier, YG Entertainment drew attention by announcing BLACKPINK's solo project. The agency said, "We plan to release solo songs by Rosé, Lisa and Jisoo sequentially after BLACKPINK's full-length album."

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK is preparing for their live stream concert 'YG PALM STAGE - 2020 BLACKPINK: THE SHOW', which will be held on January 31 next year. It is the first concert to be held since the release of their first full-length album, 'THE ALBUM', drawing much attention from global fans.