Ottogi's 'Jin Ramyun' Teases New Collaboration

Ottogi's 'Jin Ramyun' Teases New Collaboration

Question. Do you like "Jin Ramyun"?

That seems to be the slogan for Ottogi 'Jin Ramyun's brand new collaboration campaign!

On November 8, the popular instant noodle brand hinted at a new collaboration coming soon between 'Jin Ramyun' (signified by a blue heart) and a veiled figure (signified by a black heart). When the two hearts together, they form a purple heart!

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More details on the collaboration will be revealed on November 11, but for now, fans are pretty sure that the collaboration is between 'Jin Ramyun' and BTS member Jin.

In fact, Jin dropped this hint on Weverse some time in late October:

"One of my wishes after debuting was to film a CF for 'Jin ramyun'.."

So ARMYs, what's your favorite Korean instant noodle brand?

Source: Allkpop