Heineken Speaks Up About The Possibility Of Getting BTS Jin As A Representative

Heineken Speaks Up About The Possibility Of Getting BTS Jin As A Representative

Back in July, the famous beer brand Heineken proclaimed Jin the 'Mr. Worldwide Heineken', saying that he is perfect for representing a high-class brand of beer.

This week they answered what they think, offering Jin to become a representative.

'Heineken' is known as one of the largest brewing companies in the world. It was founded in Amsterdam in 1864 and became one of the most recognizable beer brands. Such famous actors as Daniel Craig, Neil Patrick Harris, and Benicio Del Toro were the representative faces of Heineken.

Heineken seems to have a type for men with a classy, luxurious, and actor-like aura. Jin's face resembles his charisma and natural elegance in anything he does.

This week, the official account of Heineken replied to a fan account on Twitter. The fan posted all of the times Heineken mentioned Jin and asked when they were going to offer Jin a contract. Heineken gave an unexpected reply:

"If Jin also wants us, in a heartbeat 🥹."

Let's hope one day Jin accepts the offer sometime later! It is not something impossible since even Ottogi's Jin Ramen waited for years before getting the artist as their representative. Anytime Jin works with someone, it brings the companies many benefits. For example, 'MapleStory's sales increased by 47% in the third quarter of the year, and Nexon is about to join the trillion-won club again. Jin Ramen is getting sold out around the world. Anything Jin does leads to great success. Jin Effect" is in high demand!

Moreover, Jin created a whole mini-show dedicated to brewing traditional Korean alcohol. Imagine him doing a show about brewing beer as a part of advertising Heineken!

Source: Allkpop