French Fashion Magazine L'Officiel Names V The Best-Dressed BTS Member

French Fashion Magazine L'Officiel Names V The Best-Dressed BTS Member

Vogue Korea aptly described Kim Taehyung, aka V of BTS, as the "icon of an era," and he continues to reaffirm his status as a top fashion icon.

French fashion magazine L'Officiel wrote about the ‘8 Best Dressed K-pop Stars’ and highlighted idols who offer their own sense of style that has made them stand out. Taehyung was the only BTS member on the list, chosen for his reputation as a fashionista.

“While all of the BTS members are Louis Vuitton ambassadors, V, in particular, is considered one of the fashionistas in the group.” - L'Officiel.

Taehyung recently took the fashion world by storm when he participated in the CELINE fashion show for Men's Paris Fashion Week Spring 2023.

His iconic appearance became the center of attention and was named the "main event" by several prominent media outlets for both his fashion style and the huge crowd he pulled.

Weverse Magazine listed a few of Taehyung’s achievements as a fashion icon in one of their articles.

  • Vogue called Taehyung "the most fashion-forward dresser" on the red carpet at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards.
  • He was voted number one for the "Fashion Face Awards" in the Asian Male category in 2018 and number three in 2019 and 2020. The Awards are run by I-MAGAZINE, who poll a panel of 350 people in the fashion industry from over 30 countries.
  • New York-based fashion columnist Carolina Malis described Taehyung's style, which "combines the chic and the luxurious, and pieces typically said to be feminine or masculine". She also praised his mastery of fashion, "V understands how everything is a part of style, V has become a style himself.”

Madame Figaro, a famous French beauty and fashion magazine, named Taehyung as one of the elegant and timeless "Male Gods," along with popular Chinese stars like Wang Yibo and Cai Xukun.

They described these 'Male Gods' as stars who are "inseparable from elegance, exquisiteness, lightness, flow, freedom, and casualness."

As BTS members embark on their solo careers, Taehyung's status as a fashion icon of this era is going to reach new heights with his upcoming solo projects.

As Vogue Korea said, "It's time to watch the debut of a new artist and style icon V, not BTS V."

Source: Allkpop