4 Items BLACKPINK Lisa Bought For Her Puppy, "Love", That You Might Be Able To Afford

4 Items BLACKPINK Lisa Bought For Her Puppy, "Love", That You Might Be Able To Afford

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa has one dog in her cat-majority “L Family.”

Her maknae is none other than Love, an affectionate Doberman who Lisa says has warmed up her home. It’s no surprise, therefore, that Love is living the high life just like his superstar mom.

Fortunately for us furparents who find him absolutely adorable, he owns several items that cost less than $50 USD. Check them out below!

1. Zee Dog Collar

First up, Love’s first ever photo on the L Family Instagram page was a professionally taken profile picture. His neon yellow collar stood out against his black fur.

If you look closely, you’d see the skull design that can only come from the brand Zee.Dog.

If you want to cop it for your own furbaby, you might not be against spending $19.99 USD.

| Zee.Dog

2. Waffle Basic Turtleneck

Love obviously has a favorite shirt! His “Waffle Basic Turtleneck” from the Puppy Gallery is so well-loved, it even has some telltale bite marks.

You won’t need to spend more than ₩26,000 KRW (about $21.80 USD) to make it your own.

3. Milan Teddy Cushion

Ever wondered what bed Love soundlessly sleeps on? The Puppy Gallery logo gives it away!

He owns their “Milan Teddy Cushion” in gray and sky blue which retails for ₩54,000 KRW (about $45.30 USD).


If you look closely, Love sported a gray band around his waist in Lisa’s most recent Instagram post. This was none other than a “Custom LED Glow In The Dark Band” from the brand NEEDS THE PET.

This ₩12,000 KRW (about $10.00 USD) accessory lights up to keep the pet wearing it visible even in the darkest of nights.

5. BONUS: Hurtta Extreme Warmer

Finally, the main part of Love’s outfit was an outdoor jacket that protects him from the cold weather.

This unique green piece comes from the brand Hurtta and costs around $95 USD, not the cheapest item on this list but one that some furparents may be willing to invest in for the long-term.

| Hurtta

One thing’s for sure, Love and Lisa are making many furparents take notes!

Source: Koreaboo