The 10+ Best Dressed Celebrities Who Shone At The First “Blue Dragon Series Awards” Red Carpet

The 10+ Best Dressed Celebrities Who Shone At The First “Blue Dragon Series Awards” Red Carpet

Which was your favorite look?

For the first time ever, Sports Chosun hosted their Blue Dragon Series Awards. The event immediately caught the attention of netizens for its unique nature because. Unlike other shows and the annual Blue Dragon Awards, this award show focused on streaming series in Korea which have gained attention worldwide.

Celebrities from all parts of the Korean entertainment industry made an appearance and, of course, looked absolutely stunning. Here’s a look at 10+ of the best-dressed celebrities from the event.

1. Jung Ho Yeon

As one of the biggest stars in the world, Jung Ho Yeon captured the hearts of fans in her debut series Squid Game.

The model/ actress didn’t disappoint in an asymmetrical sequinned dress with silver shoes that showcased her proportions and visuals.

2. Kim Go Eun

When actress Kim Go Eun stepped out of the car, she looked like something straight out of a fairytale in a stunning, pale blue dress.

The simplicity of the design just allowed the actress to shine even more as she channeled her inner Disney princess.

3. Girls’ Generation’s Yoona

As the host of the show, Girls’ Generation’s Yoona proved why she is always the “Belle of the Ball.”

Dressed in white, the tulle material made her look even more ethereal and she seemed to glide down the red carpet.

4. DKZ’s Jaechan

DKZ’s Jaechan quickly made himself a huge star after starring in the BL Semantic Error, and netizens have quickly fallen in love with the rising star.

His outfit was truly unique as the strap from the jacket to the shirt stood out amongst the suits seen at the event.

5. Jung Hae In

Actor Jung Hae In is the true epitome of handsome and he didn’t disappoint when it came to his award look.

Although it might have been simple, the colors and fit allowed the actors’ visuals and personality to shine.

6. Choi Yi Hyun

After starring in All Of Us Are Dead, Choi Yi Hyun quickly caught the attention of netizens for her charm, talent, and visuals.

Dressed in white, the actress looked flawless and angel-like with the simple design crossing at the bodice and showcasing her waist.

7. Im Siwan

Dressed more casually than a lot of the celebrities attending, Im Siwan’s visuals didn’t fail to make an impact at the event. With his curly hair and a more minimalistic look, the actor and idol didn’t fail to showcase her handsomeness.

8. EXO’s Kai

When it comes to visuals, EXO’s Kai is no exception and the idol truly made his mark at the event. Dressed in Gucci, Kai looked like he was straight off a catwalk in his fitted suit.

The accessories also made him stand out and added another layer to his look.

9. Hyeri

Hyeri always makes her mark at award shows, and this was no different. Although she was wearing a simplistic black gown, it was truly elegant, and the back details allowed her to shine.

| @hyeri_0609/Instagram

Wherever she goes, her personality shines, and she steals the show. Hyeri never fails to make a statement when she attends an awards show.

10. Lee Jung Jae

As soon as Lee Jung Jae stepped into the Korean television and film industry all those years ago, he was hot AF. In 2022, it is the same story, and he truly shined in his outfit.

He chose much brighter colors compared to other actors, and the contrast with the tie truly worked. Lee Jung Jae also wore it with white shoes, and it was the best choice.

11. Choi Yena

Idol and actress Choi Yena absolutely shined as she brought an edgier look to the event. The printed black dress looked stunning, showcasing her dazzling visuals.

Yet, it was the shoes that truly stood out and made her ready for a red carpet or rock concert.

Source: Koreaboo