Wonho makes every YouTuber tear up reacting to 'Losing You' MV

Wonho makes every YouTuber tear up reacting to 'Losing You' MV

The MV for Wonho's solo debut 'Losing You' only has simple scenes, but the expressions and lyrics of the male singer ha...

The MV for Wonho's solo debut 'Losing You' only has simple scenes, but the expressions and lyrics of the male singer have made listeners unable to hold back their tears.


In October 2019, Wonho left Monsta X and Starship Entertainment following a series of scandals, which were later proved to be false. Then, in April 2020, the male idol signed a contract with Highline Entertainment and decided to start his solo career.

On September 4, Wonho will release his first solo album titled 'Love Synonym # 1: Right For Me'. To pave the way for his upcoming album, on August 14, Wonho released a song called 'Losing You', marking the male singer's official comeback after a long time. During the time Wonho was absent, MONSTA X fans - MONBEBE - have always supported and waited for him, so this song is seen as a meaningful message that the male idol wants to give to his fans.


What was most surprising is that 'Losing You' is entirely in English. The R&B pop song is a combination of soft piano melodies and Wonho's lyrical voice, and this is also the song that he co-composed.

After the MV was released, a series of reaction videos from fans around the world appeared on YouTube. And there is a common thing among all of these reaction videos: Everyone was in tears when they listened to the song.



The whole MV is just scenes of Wonho singing with no special story. However, the moments the male idol sang and shed tears and the heart-breaking lyrics made everyone cry: "Baby I would go to war for you. Build an army if you need me to. Coz losing me is better than losing you."


Most of the YouTubers could not hold back their tears as soon as the chorus was played. One commented: "I can feel how Wonho loves his fans." Another shared: "Wonho delivered his true feelings in this song." Many people also thanked the male idol for singing in English so that fans around the world can understand and feel it. It is known that when he was a member of MONSTA X, Wonho is known for loving and appreciating his fans.


In addition, the last scene where Wonho seemed to be standing in a sea of ​​light - implicitly, MONBEBE with their MONSTA X lightsticks - also touched the fans. One fan commented: "The image is simple but the emotions conveyed are really strong. I couldn't help crying."

The last scene with Wonho standing in front of his fans

It is known that, although Wonho did not actively promoting the song, 'Losing You' has achieved many remarkable achievements in the world iTunes charts. After its release, this song topped the iTunes charts of 16 countries around the world, reaching the top 10 in 14 other countries. On the US iTunes chart, Wonho even reached No.20 even though this is just a song used to pave the way. It can be said that the response for this song is very good.


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