Which Outfits of BLACKPINK Is The Most Iconic on Stage, According to K-netizens?

Which Outfits of BLACKPINK Is The Most Iconic on Stage, According to K-netizens?

In addition to each member's performance, glittering outfits are also a factor that helps BLACKPINK create top stages.

The 4 members of BLACKPINK are ambassadors of high-end fashion brands, but they are known to dress nicely since their debut. The stylist of the group often makes netizens surprised because of the ability to coordinate and edit clothes. The girls also possess a beautiful body, no matter how many times they cause storms when they appear on stage with glittering outfits.

Recently, Korean netizens have selected the stages with the best performance outfits of BLACKPINK, even considering the clothes that the YG girl group wears as legendary.

"As If It's Your Last" Stage with luxurious schoolgirl outfits

When promoting the song As If It's Your Last, BLACKPINK showed off the cute naughty teen crush concept through the image of a high school girl. They wore pleated shirts and skirts on the Music Core stage on June 24, 2017, looking at the 4 girls like a lady from a noble school.

As If It's Your Last is a cheerful, vibrant song. Already, at that time, BLACKPINK had only debuted for 1 year, so the image of a dynamic but equally luxurious female student is extremely suitable for the group.

Kill This Love stage with techwear outfit

Techwear (advanced technology fashion style) has been making a storm recently because of its aggressive look and personality, making the wearer look like she stepped out of a sci-fi game. But BLACKPINK has worn this outfit since 2019 - the time when the group made a comeback with the song "Kill This Love".

BLACKPINK wore techwear when taking teaser photos of Kill This Love, then they brought this suit on the Inkigayo stage on April 7, 2019. The 4 girls show off their tall, slim bodies in a pit-designed outfit, with the main color tone of white - black with the accentuation of belts and chains. BLACKPINK is pretty as a doll, so they look like a game character, no wonder they impress the audience.

Stir Coachella in an outfit that looks like a goddess

Coachella is considered a turning point in BLACKPINK's career, they are noticed by American audiences not only for their high performance but also for their eye-catching appearance. The factor that helps BLACKPINK shine is the outfit that 4 girls wear on the Coachella stage, especially the 2nd show (April 19, 2019).

BLACKPINK's outfit still consists of two main black and white colors, but the stylist cleverly dotted the details with stones and glitter to make the group stand out. The 4 girls showed off their small waist and long legs through the cut details that were sexy enough, not showy, offensive. Gorgeous outfits combined with eye-catching outfits made BLACKPINK shine brightly that day like goddesses in the dark.

Wearing innovative Hanbok on American show

When BLACKPINK made a comeback with the single How You Like That (6/2020), the group made a strong impression thanks to wearing innovative Hanbok. This outfit appeared in the MV and brought it to the American TV show The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, then wore it again when performing at the Inkigayo show.

This outfit series makes everyone admire because of its sophisticated design, showing off the advantages of each member's body. Not only that, thanks to wearing innovative Hanbok, but BLACKPINK is praised for their contribution to promoting Korean culture.

The above are just some of the typical stage outfits of BLACKPINK, but Korean netizens all agree that they deserve to be considered legendary when it comes to female idol's outfits.

It can be seen that the 4 YG girls "complete" all concepts, from mischievous schoolgirls to aggressive warriors, even a mixture of traditional and modern features. However, many people mention and appreciate the one that the whole group wears at the Coachella festival in 2019.