Top 6 Female Idols Do Not Need Mobile App In Surreal Night Photos

Top 6 Female Idols Do Not Need Mobile App In Surreal Night Photos

Snow app could be anyone's irreplaceable app to take photos with beautiful effects, but these idols simply do not need any effects for their visuals.

There're lots of mobile apps created to have effects that could erase the "imperfections" of people, but sometimes these effects are too strong that almost hide users' natural figures when taking selfies. However, these female idols have shown that they're natural beauties with these moments.


Jennie night photos

Being chosen as having the most beautiful barefaced by her teammates, Jennie's visual simply doesn't need any special effects or camera to capture. Wearing a white shirt and leather jacket, the main rapper of BLACKPINK still showcases her perfect facial figures with the signature chic and rebellious vibe as when being on stage. Minimal makeup plus minimal hairstyle, Jennie just needs to stand there and shines perfectly without being taken under good light conditions.

Jennie night photos 2

Red Velvet Seulgi

SeulGi night photos

Seulgi maybe not the most beautiful in Red Velvet but she has her own style that could capture anyone's attention at the first sight. Therefore whether the background is pure dark behind. Her fair skin reflects perfectly with her black outfit and the background.


Sana night photos

Sana looks like a snow princess because of her blonde hair being tied behind and her fair skin. She just simply turned her head backward and still look like some high-quality photoshoot in the studio.


Jisoo night photos

It is not surprising when the new visual goddess Jisoo also shows up on this list because just look at her. Stunning voluminous wavy hair with a casual t-shirt when posing by the riverside. The dark background with lights even emphasizes her beauty more.


Rosé night photos

Rosé has an elegant and trendy vibe that exudes even more in this picture when taking outside, no mobile effects needed because her visual had done anything else. Who could look this beautiful on the street like Rosé?


Lisa night photos

It is a miss if not mentioning Lisa - the main dancer of BLACKPINK in this list. During the time they went to New York for the tour, all of BLACKPINK members have their own unforgettable moments and also Lisa. How could someone forget this moment when Lisa sat comfortably on a platform and still look like she was taken photos for famous magazines? Plus the background behind, Lisa really shines like a star in this night photo.