Top 5 Shocking Music Videos To Ever Release By K-Netizens

Top 5 Shocking Music Videos To Ever Release By K-Netizens

Out of the countless K-pop MVs released in 2020, which one is of such a good quality that Knet has the most buzz?

2020 continues to be the year of quality Kpop products that are carefully invested in both visuals and production. However, for the K-netizens difficult , not every MV easily makes them satisfied. To 'catch the eye' of Knet, an MV not only needs to have top music, but also the quality and concept of the MV must be unique and impressive.

Recently, a Knet on Theqoo has listed the top 5 Kpop MVs, when just released, has become a very hot topic on this forum. This list has received a lot of approval from other Knet because these 5 MVs clearly show the investment in context, conveyed content, beautiful camera angle, impressive visuals, investment costumes. v ... v ...

Just after watching, everyone will feel satisfied and want to replay many times, let's try to see if your favorite MV is on this list.

"God's Menu" - Stray Kids

"Criminal" - Taemin

"How You Like That" - BLACKPINK

"Kick It" - NCT 127

"Daechwita" - Agust D

Here are some comments about the top 5 music videos make the best impressions on Theqoo in 2020:

- Dwaechita for sure!!!

- I'm still impressed with the dancing scene while BLACKPINK wore hanbok.

- "Criminal" is just another level. I got goosebumps right at the first second!

- "Kick It" is so breathtaking, not only the visuals but the music and concept were so cool.

- Stray Kids' MVs this year are just so awesome!

- I love "God's Menu" and "Criminal"

- I've watched "God's Menu" more than 20 times!

- "Daechwita" is a masterpiece. Suge was great in facial expressions, the backgrounds are outstanding, too. I even thought this was his official solo, but it was just a mixtape. Great production!

- I really like BLACKPINK and Stray Kids' MVs.

- "Daechwita" is really great, and so is "God's Menu".

- When "Daechwita" was out, there must be lots of articles on Theqoo about it.

- When I watch "Daechwita", I thought I was watching a Netflix movie because it was so beautiful and meaningful as well.