Top 15 Close-Up Unedited Moments of Of BLACKPINK Jennie That You Wouldn't Believe Your Eyes

Top 15 Close-Up Unedited Moments of Of BLACKPINK Jennie That You Wouldn't Believe Your Eyes

#3 captures how insanely gorgeous she is in person.

BLACKPINK Jennie may look stunning through the screen, but she’s even more flawless in real life. To see her true visuals, check out these unedited cell phone photos taken by lucky fans who got within inches of this beauty queen!

1. This close distance with Jennie is a bless!

Could you survive this?

2. Just tank top but it's Jennie

Basic is the best, especially this look of Jennie.

3. Her flawlessly shiny skin

How can she be this stunning?

4. Jennie's on-point figure

That's the best body with the flattest tummy!

5. Red lips is dangerous, but Jennie in red lips is more dangerous

She is more powerful in red!

6. Mandoo is here

Jennie's duality is ridiculously awesome! She changes from hottie to cutie in a blink!

7. Jennie's diamond tan skin

Let's take a moment to appreciate her gorgeous tan skin. Who says only fair skin is pretty?

8. Can you handle this eye-contact with Jennie?

Breathless! Choke! Suffocate!

9. Face-to-face with Jennie? No... but yes!

Awwww this cat-Jennie!

10. Take us to your planet with you, Jennie!

Wherever you go, we would like to go with you Jennie.

11. Jennie in jewels is more expensive

12. Jennie is a princess in real life, whether she wants or not!

Only a princess could look this beautiful, so Jennie is a princess, no cap!

13. She looks even better in real life

This visual deserves a trophy. We love the grunge/baddie vibe she portrays instead of the standards of Korean beauty.

14. When she's feeling herself

That's the best time!

15. Hopefully, every BLINK will eventually be able to see this queen in real life!

In conclusion, Jennie is precious and we have to protect her at all cost!