Top 10 Sweet K-Pop Songs That Were Written For Fans

Top 10 Sweet K-Pop Songs That Were Written For Fans

Organizing fan events and purchasing albums and merchandise are just some of the ways K-pop fans demonstrate their love and support for their favorite idols. In return, K-pop stars often release self-composed songs to show their appreciation for fans.

From reflective ballads to uptempo pop songs, here are some of the sweetest K-pop songs written for the fans!

1. BTS – “We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal”

BTS‘s 2020 album “Map of the Soul: 7” is an ode to their seven-year journey, so the anthemic “We are Bulletproof: the Eternal,” one of the closing tracks of the album, is clearly a special one for both the group and their fans, ARMY. The lyrics recount the band’s journey and the hardships they have endured to be where they are today. BTS also shows their love for ARMY with a loud declaration that “We were only seven, but we have you all now.”

2. IZ*ONE – “With*One”

Composed and produced by IZ*ONE‘s leader, Kwon Eun Bi, along with lyrics written by all the members of IZ*ONE, “With*One” is a sweet yet sentimental tear-jerker that is dedicated to their fans, WIZ*ONE. In the song, the group asks fans to lean on them during hard times and promises that they will always remember them.

3. IU – “Heart”

IU‘s self-composed song “Heart” is a gift to her fans. It contains her grateful heart for their constant love and support. “If everything in the world dies and reborn/ If I grow old again/ This heart won’t have any wrinkles/ It’s twinkling and living right here/ It lives forever,” IU sweetly croons in this soothing song.

A favorite among Uaenas and IU alike, the song is even more moving when a stadium of fans sing along with IU.

4. DAY6 – “Beautiful Feeling”

DAY6 released “Beautiful Feeling” on their third anniversary as a special surprise for their fans. Bassist Young K participated in the composition and lyrics of the song. In it, the group confesses the sincere emotions they feel for their fans that seem to be more than what can be described by the words “love” and “like.”

5. Stray Kids – “You Can Stay”

Through their track “You Can Stay,” Stray Kids expresses their gratitude to fans for staying by their side. In addition to being a reference to the name of their fans, STAY, the song is a heart-warming call to fans that they can stay and the sweet reassurance that they can find comfort in them too.

6. ATEEZ – “Aurora”

“Aurora” was written by ATEEZ‘s leader Hongjoong to capture the emotions the group felt when they were touring. He likens their fans, the lights in the crowd when they are performing on stage, to the aurora. The melodic guitar rift coupled with emotional lyrics such as “Every time I saw the sunset/ I was afraid every night/ But I’m not afraid anymore/ Because you’re in the dark,” make “Aurora” a beloved song among fans.

7. TWICE – “21:29”

Written by all nine members of TWICE, “21:29” represents the group’s response to all the fans’ letters they have received throughout their careers. The members finished writing the lyrics to “21:29” right at that time, hence the title of the song. The song is TWICE’s warm appreciation of their fans’ love and support, and their promise to always remember the memories they have made together.

8. SEVENTEEN – “Thanks”

This title says it all. SEVENTEEN sings their “Thanks” to Carats for always being by their side. Though the group worries that “Thanks” might be too common of a word that it wouldn’t sound sincere, the song is truly an expression of their most sincere gratitude to their fans. Sometimes an earnest and heartfelt thank you is all that is needed.

9. GOT7 – “Thank You”

Similarly, “Thank You” is also a meaningful song written by GOT7‘s Jinyoung to thank their fans. The lyrics are about the group telling fans not to feel sorry that they can’t do more when they have already given their all. Through the song the group also apologizes for not being able to do much for their fans and ends off with a simple but heartfelt “Thank You.”

10. ITZY – “Trust Me (Midzy)”

ITZY‘s fan song, “Trust Me (Midzy),” is a lovely gift to their fans, also known as MIDZY. The song expresses how grateful and precious their fans’ trusts and hearts are to them, and in return, the group also hopes to provide comfort and support to their fans. The song was recorded in both Korean and English so that they can spread the message of gratitude and comfort to their fans all around the world.