These Groups Have The Best Chemistry, According To Fans

These Groups Have The Best Chemistry, According To Fans

Who do you think has the best chemistry?

In a recent discussion on Reddit, K-Pop fans discussed the groups they believe have the most chemistry with each other. Many groups were listed but a few stood out for being mentioned the most in regards to their closeness and interactions with each other!

Here are the 11 most mentioned:


Any fan of ATEEZ could point out a variety of moments that prove just how close the group are. There have been plenty of times over the years where the members have taken care of each other as though they are blood family.

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2. Twice

TWICE‘s Nayeon has referred to the other members as “her soulmates” and said there was no awkwardness making the statement.

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3. SHINee

Throughout the years, SHINee have proven their closeness. The group’s longevity just proves their bond goes beyond the music and that the members love SHINee just as much as fans!

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SEVENTEEN are a group known for their closeness! Fans have noticed how the group will work to make sure that all members are acknowledged and have their moment to shine.

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5. TXT

The members of TXT can be paired in any way and have awesome chemistry. Fans have fallen for how comfortable all the members are with each other on and off stage!

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Fans say MAMAMOO‘s synergy during performances and activities is something that is apparent. Fans think they are truly like a family!

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7. GOT7

Despite all of the members leaving JYP Entertainment after their contracts expired, GOT7 have gone to great lengths to prove their bond as a group. From appearing at each others schedules to their comeback album GOT7, GOT7 are in it for the long run. In fact, the group are known for their family-like fights!

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8. Stray Kids

Stray Kids closeness is known to be comforting for fans. The members are so in sync with each other it can be a little alarming!

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My Favorite Lyrics From My Favorite Artist: Stray Kids Edition


BTOB‘s interactions with each other well into their tenth year prove the group’s long lasting chemistry.

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Fans say NCT DREAM literally growing up together has added to their closeness, a true definition of BFFs! The members often discuss how important their friendship is and how it plays into their music!

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11. BTS

BTS’s bond as a group shows throughout all of their releases and activities. Their closeness has been recently confirmed again with the group’s friendship tattoos plans.

The Best (and Funniest) Episodes of Run BTS |

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What groups do you think have great chemistry together?

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